With a powerful, high-capacity network in place, we're delivering superior services today and are well positioned for future innovation.

We have a high-capacity network in place, and we continue to optimize it for peak performance and future growth.
reliable network
Each day, our network delivers:
  • 15 million On Demand views
  • 172 million Web page views
  • 76 million emails
  • 99 million phone calls
  • 2.9 million voice mails
And we're making it even more reliable.

Driving peak performance from our 116,000 nodes:
  • node health is now above 90%
  • node health has improved 35% in the last two years
Other service improvements in 2008:
  • call center contact rates declined 4%
  • trouble call rates are down 6%
  • repeat trouble calls declined 7%

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