Our capital investment strategy is disciplined and focused on returns.

total capital expenditures In 2008, capital expenditures continued to be predominately growth-oriented, with growth Capex accounting for 71% of Cable Capex.
  • We added 2.6 million video, voice and high-speed Internet customers, and added or upgraded nearly 1.5 million digital video customers. We spent $1 billion or 18% of our total Cable Capex to deploy almost 2.2 million advanced set-top boxes.
  • As we make investments in customer premises equipment to support growth in new services for both our residential and commercial businesses, we are generating attractive incremental returns that substantially exceed our weighted average cost of capital.
  • In 2009, we expect total capital expenditures to decline both in absolute dollars and as a percentage of revenue, even as we take the opportunity to make investments in the key strategic initiatives of All-Digital and Wideband.

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